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The Internet has revolutionized the way people shop. Give customers the experience they are looking for and attract new customers along the way with your online catalogue.

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Connected with your software

Opfront connects with your clinic management software and makes sure patients and products informations are synced automatically. This two-way connection allows you to provide your clientele with a unique and personalized experience, one they won’t find elsewhere.


Inventory as a service

Your online catalogue can display a lot more than your actual inventory. Opfront’s database is at your disposal to offer more choice to your patients.


Comprehensive Dashboard

You can easily manage your products, your orders and even more with this comprehensive dashboard. You also get powerful insights on your patients thanks to our unique set of advanced analytics.

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the patient's health in priority

Opfront strives to help eye care professionals keep control over the online optic market.

our mission

Develop technological tools to support the commercial development of eye care professional clinics.

about us

Our team consists of a well respected optometrist, hard working software engineers and a handful of creative folks. We are on a mission to make the life of eye care professionals much simpler with our integrated online store system.

Eye care professionals are currently seeing their shares on the eyewear market slowly fading away because of the e-commerce revolution. Our goal is help them grow their business and focus on their true passion: patients' eyesight.

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